Eye Green Railway Station and the M&GN P2

A lamp from the station at Peterborough Museum
A lamp from the station at Peterborough Museum

Further images of the line starting in the east where the line goes over the main line, ending up at Sutton Bridge where the it joins the Spalding the Lynn line.

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Only parts of the track bed between Peterborough and Sutton Bridge still survive and one of the Mill Hill crossing buildings to the east of the village on Nipcut Road. It was a popular past-time walking along the old track bed in Eye before the bypass was built. Sadly over the last 50 years all but one of the stations have been demolished. The only one that survives is the station and part of the platform at Tydd, although it is in a pretty poor state.

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dscf0295-w185 Peterborough North Station Sign currently at Murrow murrow185
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What If…
The track was still there. Move the slider across the images below to find out what it may look like today.

Looking from Crowland Road Foot Bridge


Looking along the track bed to the east of the village


North Norfolk Railway (NNR)
The NNR is a 10.5 mile railway through the Norfolk countryside on last working part of the M&GN. The stations and line have been restored to how they would have been in the days of the M&GN. Below are some photos from a recent visit.

Trains and carriages

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Buildings and more
North Norfolk Railway

dscf2500-w185 A waiting 'shed' similar to the one Eye Station Had dscf2524-w185
dscf2595-w185 M&GN level marker Point levers at Holt
Holt Station Fire buckets at Holt Station Bridge over the NNR
Ticket Office at Holt Station Weyborne Station Weyborne Station Ticket Office
Sheringham Station Sheringham Station Ticket Office at Sheringham Station
Luggage scales at Sheringham Sheringham signal box Inside the Signal box

North Norfolk Railway: www.nnrailway.co.uk

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