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Planning for 284 homes on the 13 hectare Tanholt site to the east of Eyebury Road in the village has for the third time been put forward for public consultation. This is probably the largest single development put in for planning permission in the village’s history. The development has previously been covered extensively on this website previously so I won’t say a lot more except please do respond by Friday the 17 September 2021.

LP40 says ‘The quality of life of adjacent users, especially residential users which abut the site, should be respected’, there seems to be a minimal approach taken on this front in regards to the residential home of Field House. For those that may think this is nimbyism, it’s not, Eye has already had its fair share of development, above and beyond any rural village in the Peterborough area and this is a large development, even for a village the size as Eye. Nearby Glinton which had just 19 homes in the local plan did have an additional planning application for 34 homes refused due to a range of reasons that could all apply to this area of land, although I do need to point out that the area refused was not in the local plan.

You can see local resident Dale McKean’s objection below:

This is the third time that this application has been put forward for public consultation, yet still the developer has not met policy LP40 specifically included in the approved Local Plan and Core Strategy for this site with eight key principles to be met at this outline planning stage.

My previous objections submitted on the 23 June 2021 remain as they have not been addressed in the revised outline plan submitted by Larkfleet on August 21 previously.

The proposal is an overdevelopment of the site given the Core Strategy / Local Plan is for 250 houses ‘or less’. The infrastructure eg Open and Green Space and the land allocated for the school is far too small. 284 houses is far too many and needs reducing to provide suitable facilities for the residents as per LP40.”

Full objection attached below in Word and PDF versions. The first part of the document is general objections, the second part is detailed objections aligned to the eight key principles of LP40. Appendix A is the comprehensive detailed objection to the whole submission by Larkfleet in June.

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