Is it about time the village got some proper CCTV?

Over the past few years, crime has been on the increase, although realistically it’s still pretty low in comparison to the city environment. Due to cuts in policing many rural locations can feel forgotten or ignored. With widespread CCTV across the city, villages are easy targets. Eye is now a large village of over 4,500 residents and growing. Continue reading “Is it about time the village got some proper CCTV?”

The war on congestion – reduction in city centre parking

Station car park, south – at risk of development

Do you commute by car into Peterborough?

If you do it’s going to become a lot more difficult to park over the coming years. With a growing city, the council is concerned that traffic increasing which will lead to longer travel times and more air pollution. One of the ways the council is hoping to limit this is by making it more difficult to park in the centre. City residents will then have to use public transport to access the centre. For some areas of the city, especially those on the Citi bus routes this may be less of a problem but not everywhere has such easy access to public transport.

In the 2011 census for the village the responses said that only 80 (3.7%) travel to work by bus, but 1,607 (73.4%) travel by car or van. Hopefully one day there will be a proper cycle path between the village and the Parnwell as it may help reduce the reliance on vehicular transport.

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Peterborough One Christmas light switch-on 2018

This annual event is proving more popular every year. Josh Lovatt from HEART FM did a great job of presenting the show this year. The main events were Christmas songs from Eye Primary School, Lucy’s Choir and a performance by SPARK! a band for the digital age!

Eye Primary School Choir

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Planning application for new Supermarket at Peterborough One Retail Park

Planning permission has been sort for a new supermarket on land just to the east of Peterborough One Retail Park. The multi-million-pound store will cover approximately 1,300 feet and create up to 50 additional jobs. See the planning application here. Continue reading “Planning application for new Supermarket at Peterborough One Retail Park”

Peterborough has the worse Key Stage 2 results in England

SATS are used to measure children’s progress, but the results are also used to compare schools. Figures released by the Department for Education and Standards and Testing Agency show the city was ranked 149 out of 149 for the 2018 Key Stage 2 results! The tables show that just 49 per cent of boys and 55 per cent of girls in the city hit the expected standard. Both of these are the lowest figures in the country.

Part of the problem may be because a large number of children in the city have English as a second language. 84 per cent of the National Union of Teachers agree that national curriculum tests have a particularly negative impact on children with special educational needs and disabilities, and 58 per cent suggested the exams were somewhat discriminatory against children whose first language was not English.

As reported in the Peterborough Telegraph Councillor Lynne Ayres, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for education, said: “The results as they stand now show we are continuing to move in the right direction and that our approach is working.”

The village school, Eye Primary, is bucking the trend with pupils being above the average with reading, writing and maths.

The highest school in the area is John Clare Primary School, Helpston with 93%. The lowest is Highlees Primary School with 39%. Read more here.

News coverage

Appendix 1

The full list from the best to the worse.

LA code Local Authority Number of eligible pupils2 Percentage of pupils reaching the expected standard3
All All
E09000027 Richmond upon Thames 2,156 80
E08000009 Trafford 2,933 75
E09000020 Kensington and Chelsea 973 75
E09000013 Hammersmith and Fulham 1,352 74
E09000006 Bromley 3,651 74
E09000029 Sutton 2,297 74
E09000025 Newham 4,740 73
E09000007 Camden 1,512 72
E09000003 Barnet 4,033 72
E06000003 Redcar and Cleveland 1,592 71
E06000007 Warrington 2,525 71
E09000030 Tower Hamlets 3,267 71
E09000015 Harrow 2,808 71
E09000016 Havering 2,967 71
E06000041 Wokingham 1,992 71
E08000037 Gateshead 2,101 70
E06000004 Stockton-on-Tees 2,407 70
E09000012 Hackney 2,534 70
E09000032 Wandsworth 2,450 70
E09000033 Westminster 1,452 70
E09000004 Bexley 3,196 70
E09000021 Kingston upon Thames 1,812 70
E08000010 Wigan 3,583 69
E09000022 Lambeth 2,999 69
E09000011 Greenwich 3,290 69
E09000026 Redbridge 4,006 69
E09000031 Waltham Forest 3,282 69
E10000030 Surrey 12,144 69
E08000022 North Tyneside 2,234 68
E08000024 Sunderland 3,189 68
E06000019 Herefordshire, County of 1,886 68
E06000033 Southend-on-Sea 2,103 68
E09000019 Islington 1,872 68
E09000028 Southwark 3,182 68
E09000018 Hounslow 3,034 68
E09000024 Merton 2,351 68
E10000014 Hampshire 14,476 68
E06000039 Slough 2,299 68
E06000040 Windsor and Maidenhead 1,518 68
E06000047 County Durham 5,578 67
E08000021 Newcastle upon Tyne 2,827 67
E08000023 South Tyneside 1,617 67
E06000049 Cheshire East 4,048 67
E10000031 Warwickshire 6,087 67
E09000023 Lewisham 3,404 67
E06000043 Brighton and Hove 2,643 67
E06000001 Hartlepool 1,134 66
E08000014 Sefton 2,922 66
E08000007 Stockport 3,337 66
E06000010 Kingston upon Hull, City of 3,176 66
E06000014 York 1,907 66
E06000017 Rutland 396 66
E08000029 Solihull 2,670 66
E06000020 Telford and Wrekin 2,250 66
E10000015 Hertfordshire 13,669 66
E06000034 Thurrock 2,362 66
E09000008 Croydon 4,522 66
E09000009 Ealing 4,228 66
E10000002 Buckinghamshire 6,134 66
E10000016 Kent 17,369 66
E06000022 Bath and North East Somerset 1,903 66
E06000028 Bournemouth 1,675 66
E06000005 Darlington 1,228 65
E06000008 Blackburn with Darwen 2,197 65
E06000012 North East Lincolnshire 1,909 65
E06000013 North Lincolnshire 1,963 65
E10000018 Leicestershire 7,549 65
E10000012 Essex 16,151 65
E09000002 Barking and Dagenham 3,464 65
E09000017 Hillingdon 3,716 65
E06000045 Southampton 2,604 65
E06000057 Northumberland 3,352 64
E08000001 Bolton 3,840 64
E10000006 Cumbria 5,128 64
E10000017 Lancashire 13,686 64
E08000006 Salford 2,884 64
E08000016 Barnsley 2,735 64
E10000007 Derbyshire 8,224 64
E10000024 Nottinghamshire 9,123 64
E10000028 Staffordshire 9,442 64
E08000031 Wolverhampton 3,298 64
E09000014 Haringey 3,159 64
E10000011 East Sussex 5,342 64
E06000042 Milton Keynes 3,555 64
E10000025 Oxfordshire 7,103 64
E06000037 West Berkshire 1,772 64
E10000008 Devon 7,808 64
E06000024 North Somerset 2,389 64
E06000002 Middlesbrough 1,818 63
E08000002 Bury 2,321 63
E06000050 Cheshire West and Chester 3,826 63
E06000006 Halton 1,472 63
E08000008 Tameside 2,812 63
E06000011 East Riding of Yorkshire 3,557 63
E06000051 Shropshire 2,952 63
E06000036 Bracknell Forest 1,379 63
E10000013 Gloucestershire 6,481 63
E06000025 South Gloucestershire 3,133 63
E06000030 Swindon 2,809 63
E06000054 Wiltshire 5,192 63
E08000004 Oldham 3,413 62
E08000013 St. Helens 2,050 62
E10000023 North Yorkshire 5,866 62
E08000019 Sheffield 6,148 62
E06000056 Central Bedfordshire 3,297 62
E06000035 Medway 3,253 62
E06000023 Bristol, City of 4,672 62
E06000026 Plymouth 2,884 62
E10000027 Somerset 5,599 62
E06000027 Torbay 1,388 62
E06000009 Blackpool 1,660 61
E08000011 Knowsley 1,722 61
E08000012 Liverpool 4,988 61
E08000033 Calderdale 2,632 61
E08000034 Kirklees 5,306 61
E08000018 Rotherham 3,254 61
E06000016 Leicester 4,604 61
E06000018 Nottingham 3,519 61
E08000026 Coventry 4,257 61
E08000030 Walsall 3,613 61
E10000034 Worcestershire 6,233 61
E10000003 Cambridgeshire 6,813 61
E09000005 Brent 3,776 61
E09000010 Enfield 4,528 61
E10000032 West Sussex 8,801 61
E06000052 Cornwall 5,798 61
E06000029 Poole 1,409 61
E08000003 Manchester 6,773 60
E08000005 Rochdale 2,935 60
E08000015 Wirral 3,765 60
E08000032 Bradford 7,733 60
E08000017 Doncaster 3,530 60
E08000035 Leeds 9,058 60
E08000036 Wakefield 3,866 60
E06000015 Derby 3,249 60
E10000021 Northamptonshire 9,055 60
E08000025 Birmingham 15,792 60
E08000028 Sandwell 4,367 60
E10000029 Suffolk 7,771 60
E10000009 Dorset 4,329 60
E10000019 Lincolnshire 7,751 59
E10000020 Norfolk 8,833 59
E06000038 Reading 1,670 59
E06000021 Stoke-on-Trent 3,107 58
E06000032 Luton 3,169 58
E08000027 Dudley 3,675 57
E06000044 Portsmouth 2,151 56
E06000046 Isle of Wight 1,322 54
E06000031 Peterborough 2,829 52
E06000055 *Bedford 2,032 48



  • Since submission the stats for Bedford have been added which are worse than Peterborough.

Update: Eyebury Road development

LP39.8 Tanholt Farm,

Click for full size versionLarkfleet Homes have come up with a proposal for the area of land to the east of Eye behind the Primary School. The proposed development will include up to 280  homes with access to the site from Eyebury Road, this is 30 more homes than specified in the Local Submission Plan.

Not to be taken lightly this is one of the largest single estates added to the village in its history.

The proposals also include additional land (around 0.8 hectares – total area of the new development is around 13 hectares) and a new access point for the school. The additional land would be paid for from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL*), which Larkfleet Homes would need to pay. According to Larkfleet this is likely to be in excess of one million pounds for the estate. Continue reading “Update: Eyebury Road development”

A47 litter build-up

UK’s Environment Capital…

In 2015 a Commons Select Committee concluded that that “England is a litter-ridden country compared to most of Europe, North America and Japan”. There’s been a lot of news around the pollution caused by plastic waste in the environment. You don’t have to go far to see this. The A47 to the west of Eye along the southern edge Star Pit Nature Reserve is one of the cities grot spots. The nature reserve is a site of special scientific interest with many species of water beetle found in the shallow pools.

Cans, coffee cups and plastic bottles seem to make up a lot of the litter but there is also a wide range of packing, plastic bags, drinks cartons and miscellaneous pieces of cardboard. Some of it is quite old so it obviously hasn’t been cleaned for a while. If this was along Bourges Boulevard in Peterborough there would be an outcry because this is in the ‘countryside’ it almost seems fine to ignore it.

Research on roadside litter by the RSPB and Keep Britain Tidy has found more than 8% of bottles and almost 5% of the cans contained remains of some of our rarest native mammals, including shrews, bank voles and wood mice.

Looking east along A47

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The First World War Centenary – Village life in 1918

1918 was the final year of World War One. Germany had been in retreat since the middle of 1917 but it wasn’t until the Armistice of 11 November 1918 that fighting ended. Also known as the Armistice of Compiègne from the place where it was signed, it came into force at 11 am and marked a victory for the Allies and a defeat for Germany but it wasn’t a surrender, that had to wait for the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty was signed in June 1919 and was the most important of the peace treaties that brought World War I to an end. The Treaty ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. Continue reading “The First World War Centenary – Village life in 1918”