Allison Homes present at Eye Parish Council meeting

Eye Parish Council yesterday saw Allison Homes giving a presentation on the Tanholt Development and local resident Dale McKean giving a response on behalf of the parish council.

One of the points was the implementation of a Construction Management Plan (CMP). Construction Management Plan (commonly referred to as a CMP) is a plan that outlines the proposed building works to be undertaken and how the constructor intends to manage the project to minimise the impact on the local residents during the works: “For the Eyebury Road development this means having a mandatory access to the site to be from the direction of Oxney Rd rather than Eyebury Rd which has a weight limit and is unsuitable for construction traffic and has the school, pre-school and after school wrap around facility (Longer opening hrs than school). Below are key Issues, other items are also needed in condition for the CMP.

  • There should be no parking of construction and delivery vehicles off site.
  • Eye Primary School is in urgent need of expansion so the access road to the school drop off area on the northern boundary of the site should be provided as work begins so the school construction traffic can use it and the school expanded.
  • Vehicle traffic adjacent to the Residential Care/Nursing Home (Field House) should be kept to an absolute minimum over the period of the build as many residents have dementia and any noise will be very upsetting.
  • There should be strict control of construction noise, vibration, dust mitigation, clearing of mud on Eyebury Rd and air quality for our children and residents, with a complaints procedure.
  • Building operations hours need to be limited so as not to impact the residents adjoining the site.
  • The Public Right of way should be safely open throughout the development with suitable security fencing from the building sites.”

As seen in the news on this website many times, this has been a contentious development due to the size and proximity to Eye Primary School to what can already be a busy road on at school opening and closing times.

Due to the pressure on budgets local authorities can be afraid of being challenged by large businesses due to the costs involved. Added housing targets that have to be met and the erosion of planning regulation over the past decade has meant developers can have the upper hand. And more planning reforms are due to take place in 2024, which aim to further simplify the planning process for home builders.