Tanholt Development – outline planning application v3


Planning for 284 homes on the 13 hectare Tanholt site to the east of Eyebury Road in the village has for the third time been put forward for public consultation. This is probably the largest single development put in for planning permission in the village’s history. The development has previously been covered extensively on this website previously so I won’t say a lot more except please do respond by Friday the 17 September 2021. Continue reading “Tanholt Development – outline planning application v3”

Litter: the story continues…

This story comes from the west of Eye, from the service area that contains the Esso Petrol Station, Morrisons and KFC. We previously covered litter from the other service area to the east of the village of May last year. I was notified it was a bit grotty so I took a look myself while I was visiting the nearby Peterborough One Retail Park. The area in question is to the west of the service station, it is an area where customers regularly stop after visiting the fuel station and KFC. Continue reading “Litter: the story continues…”

Eyebury Road – Tanholt Farm development update

So we arrive at the planning permission stage of this process. Despite concerns by residents that the size of the estate will cause major traffic issues along Eyebury Road at rush hour this ‘project’ has gone ahead anyway and not just for the indicative 250 homes in the local plan but planning permission is being sort for 300, 20 per cent more. The village will have been really let down by Peterborough City Council if this goes through in its current state. Continue reading “Eyebury Road – Tanholt Farm development update”

Is it about time the village got some proper CCTV?

Over the past few years, crime has been on the increase, although realistically it’s still pretty low in comparison to the city environment. Due to cuts in policing many rural locations can feel forgotten or ignored. With widespread CCTV across the city, villages are easy targets. Eye is now a large village of over 4,500 residents and growing. Continue reading “Is it about time the village got some proper CCTV?”

Planning application for new Supermarket at Peterborough One Retail Park

Planning permission has been sort for a new supermarket on land just to the east of Peterborough One Retail Park. The multi-million-pound store will cover approximately 1,300 feet and create up to 50 additional jobs. See the planning application here. Continue reading “Planning application for new Supermarket at Peterborough One Retail Park”

Peterborough has the worse Key Stage 2 results in England

SATS are used to measure children’s progress, but the results are also used to compare schools. Figures released by the Department for Education and Standards and Testing Agency show the city was ranked 149 out of 149 for the 2018 Key Stage 2 results! The tables show that just 49 per cent of boys and 55 per cent of girls in the city hit the expected standard. Both of these are the lowest figures in the country. Continue reading “Peterborough has the worse Key Stage 2 results in England”