Illegal traveller sites: ‘Decisive action’ demanded

Travellers on the A16
Travellers on the A16

As travellers set up camp to the west of Eye on the entrance to the new A16, Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has issued new guidelines reminding local authorities in England of their legal powers to deal promptly with illegal traveller sites.

As reported on the BBC the guidance also deals with the problem of the clear-up operation on such sites. Mr Pickles said: “I want all councils to be ready to take action straightaway to stop illegal camps and unauthorised sites starting in the first place. Decisive action early on saves money and unnecessary upset for local residents. “We’ve strengthened councils’ powers so they have the confidence to take decisive action. Too often council officers wash their hands and say nothing can be done. This is not the case.

In the financial year 2011/12, Peterborough City Council paid out £25,000 cleaning up after travellers’ makeshift camps. In 2009/10 they spent £18,870, in 2008/09 the figure was £30,340 and during 2007/08 £21,830 was spent. PT Waste typically includes tyres, household matter and fecal matter.

To the north and east of the city there are a number of fixed traveller sites; Norwood, Oxney Road, with smaller sites already at Eye, Werrington and Glinton, to the south and west there are no sites.

As a local resident said “its not what their culture I am against it the mess they leave when they move on”. There are plans to build a 10 pitch transit site off Norwood Lane in Peterborough.

New guidance for councils

Blooming marvelous


weldonsflowers2Is Weldons in Eye the chippy with the most spectacular flower display in the city? Or the country for that matter? Despite the variable weather we’ve had the summer bedding around the chip shop is blooming. Well done to all those that work hard to create such a glorious display.

Weldons Chip Shop, 50 High St Eye, Peterborough, PE6 7UY t: 01733 222150

Open: Mon – Thurs 11.30am – 1.30pm 5.00pm – 9.00pm | Fri 11.30am – 1.30pm 4.00pm – 9.00pm | Sat 11.30am – 2.00pm 5.00am – 9.00pm Sun 4pm – 7pm

Louis Smith wins silver!

Above top from the left Louis Smith (Silver), Hungarian Krisztian Berki (Gold) and British Max Whitlock (Bronze). And bottom the Blue Boar celebrates.

Louis Smith wins silver for his pommel horse routine at the Olympics today.

The Blue Boar was packed as villagers and the attending media, which included the Evening Telegraph, Look East and Radio Cambridgeshire had just watched a perfect routine from Louis and waited for the result

After a few nervous moments the score appeared, Louis had scored 16.066, the same as the Krisztian Berki but the Hungarian had just nipped the gold due to a higher execution score.

Just to get to the Olympics you have to be top of your game, to get a medal at this level is something to be commended. A fantastic result for Louis.

More on the Peterborough Telegraph website and the BBC.

Eye Green Esso out of fuel as panic buying grips the City


Eye Green Esso ran out of fuel last night. As stocks dwindle across Peterborough a compound effect of one station running out of fuel forcing people onto the next nearest station continues.

The panic has been caused be Unite whose drivers are threatening to strike. Although they have said there will be no strike before Easter, as they have to give a weeks notice, conflicting information from the government has meant people filling up unnecessarily.

As I was at Eye station people were still driving in, one couple towing a caravan said they were so low on fuel they didn’t know where to risk next. Nearby Texaco still had unleaded left but was out of diesel last night.

Read more Evening Telegraph website here.

Protecting 1000 years of village life

In 2010 Peterborough City Council released its Site Allocations Development Plan Document, which outlined how the city and its surrounding area could be developed up until 2021. The plans for Eye included plans to build 305 homes, 10 travellers’ pitches and a plot for traveling show people to be built in the village. Added to this will be the Norwood development (2,300 homes plus industry – (UE002 on consultation now SA1.5)) just outside the parish boundary but within easy walking distance of the village.

Continue reading “Protecting 1000 years of village life”

Public meeting is well attended

A well attended meeting for such a cold winter evening. MP Stewart Jackson and City Council officers were in attendance. Although the councils plans for 300 homes for Eye Green have been reduced the City Council still want to build 85 houses, 35 on Eye Green and 50 off Thorney Road. We await in anticipation to see what the outcome of the meeting is.

The Evening Telegraph has reported that Eye Councillor David Sanders was “embarrassed” by the actions of his council.

Update: The Evening Telegraph has a full report on the meeting here.

Related: Marco Cereste, leader of Peterborough City Council becomes chairman of LarkPoint, Larkfleet homes are one of the companies building homes in Eye. Report from the Evening Telegraph here.

Editors comment: Although the reduction in housing is welcomed my thoughts are that 35 homes on the Eye Green site is just ridiculous. 20 executive houses on the Eye Green site plus 50 homes off Thorney Road could be accommodated, at a push, although we would need assurances that there will be no further growth on that scale.

Peterboroughs growth strategy for the next 14 years

Reported in the Evening Telegraph this week Peterborough City councils growth strategy to create 24,600 homes has been approved by the government. This includes 85 homes on top of the 190 homes already approved for Eye. Although leader of the council Councillor Marco Cereste said he was delighted with the news, Eye and Thorney Councillor David Sanders attacked the designation of Eye as a “Key Service area”. Continue reading “Peterboroughs growth strategy for the next 14 years”