Peterborough City Council agrees to increase council tax by five per cent

At a full council meeting on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 councillors approved a five per cent increase to council tax, the maximum allowed without a local referendum. Read the full story in the Peterborough Telegraph here. Prime Minister Theresa May gave councils permission to increase council tax by three per cent in 2017/18 on top of the 1.99 per cent general rise that was already approved.

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St Michaels Gate, Peterborough – The political view…

img_1538Radio interviews transcript

Subject: St Micheals Gate Evictions
Date: 21 October 2016
Station: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
DJ: Paul Stainton

Interviews with Peterborough City Councillor Ed Murphy and David Seaton and MP for Peterborough Stewart Jackson.

Cllr Ed Murphy

Paul: Before we get onto the families there have been accusation that Peterborough City Council only got involved when the media got involved, that they’ve messed up here, that they could have brought these houses, that the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. Some have said its solar panels mk2.

Ed: I think it is solar panels mk2. That cost £3.5 million that we wasted on that before the council saw sense and didwhat people were telling them and did the sensible thing. On this one now we’ve got people saying it doesn’t make sense. At the call in on Wednesday night one of the officers admitted that they knew about St Michael’s Gate in May.

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St Michaels Gate, Peterborough – The tenants view…

stmichealsgate1St Michael’s Gate is just south of parish border. Tenants at 74 homes are being evicted by a private firm which did a deal with the council to move its homeless people into the properties. The story hit national news and Peterborough MP has asked for a debate around the subject in The House of Commons. Below is a transcript of the Radio interview taken on Friday 21 October 2016.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – Paul Stainton

Paul: Not good news for the tenants in Peterborough. Remember we broke the story a couple of weeks ago now brought it to you that they were being evicted from their houses just before Christmas for no reason really other than profit. Buts there’s been another weeks of twists and turns in the saga. You remember around 70 families in Parnell faced eviction from their homes after this deal had been struck by Peterborough City Council with a property provider. Well the deal we see residents thrown out and replaced with homeless people who are currently being put up in travel lodges across the city. Then the property developer will slice up the houses and make more accommodation and make more money.
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Protecting 1000 years of village life

In 2010 Peterborough City Council released its Site Allocations Development Plan Document, which outlined how the city and its surrounding area could be developed up until 2021. The plans for Eye included plans to build 305 homes, 10 travellers’ pitches and a plot for traveling show people to be built in the village. Added to this will be the Norwood development (2,300 homes plus industry – (UE002 on consultation now SA1.5)) just outside the parish boundary but within easy walking distance of the village.

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