Public meeting is well attended

A well-attended meeting for such a cold winter evening. MP Stewart Jackson and City Council officers were in attendance. Although the council’s plans for 300 homes for Eye Green have been reduced the City Council still want to build 85 houses, 35 on Eye Green and 50 off Thorney Road. We wait in anticipation to see what the outcome of the meeting is.

The Evening Telegraph has reported that Eye Councillor David Sanders was “embarrassed” by the actions of his council.

Update: The Evening Telegraph has a full report on the meeting here.

Related: Marco Cereste, leader of Peterborough City Council becomes chairman of LarkPoint, Larkfleet homes are one of the companies building homes in Eye. Report from the Evening Telegraph here.

Editors comment: Although the reduction in housing is welcomed my thoughts are that 35 homes on the Eye Green site are just ridiculous. 20 executive houses on the Eye Green site plus 50 homes off Thorney Road could be accommodated, at a push, although we would need assurances that there will be no further growth on that scale.

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