Advertise on this website

An advert on the Eye village website helps support the costs of running the website and can help potential customers find your business.  Prices start at £20 for a banner on the front page of the website. All the prices given are for advertising on the website for one year. You can supply your own advertising banner for use or have one made (at no extra cost) by us.

Option 1 – (Only one available). Standard banner at the bottom of the front page linked to your website with a listing in the directory and a sponsored link at the bottom of every page. – £60.00 per year. Reserved for businesses in the parish of Eye.

Option 2 – Standard 570×100 pixel banner at the bottom of the front page. Linked to your website with listing in the directory. – £25.00 per year (maximum of four available).

Option 3 – Simple text advert with a link to your website in the directory. FREE for businesses based in Eye. £20 per year for companies outside the parish.

If you are interested in placing an advert on the website, please contact us here.