The Eye village quiz

Welcome to the Eye village quiz?

The original 16th century church is thought to have had severe fire damage and a new church (the current one) built in its place. What year did the new church open for worship?
Eye once had a working fire station. What was the name of the road where it was located?
Who built Car Dyke?
What saint is Eye church named after?
The Harry Cureton Trust provided £115,000 to build a new extension to the doctor's surgery but what did Harry do as a trade?
What was the library building, before it became a library?
Clay was transported to the Eye Brick Works from Dogsthorpe after the Eye pit ran out of clay. What was it transported by?
The housing estate in Fountains Place was an industrial area before it was all demolished and converted into housing. What was the name of the company that owned it?
In which year did Eye bypass open to traffic?
There is nothing left of it now but Eye tower mill on Crowland Road was a special type of windmill and only eight of this type were ever built in England. But why was it special?