Eye Green Railway Station and the M&GN – Today

A lamp from the station at Peterborough Museum
A lamp from the station at Peterborough Museum

Today only parts of the trackbed between Peterborough and Sutton Bridge still survive and one of the Mill Hill crossing buildings to the east of the village on Nipcut Road. It was a popular past-time walking along the old track bed in Eye before the bypass was built. Sadly over the last 50 years, all but two of the stations have been demolished. Tydd station is one of the survivors, the only station with part of the platform intact, now a private residence. Ferry Station also stands although also a private residence.

Move the slider across the images below to find out what it may look like today.

Looking from Crowland Road Foot Bridge


Looking along the track bed to the east of the village


Today the memory of the line is kept alive by the M&GN Circle and the North Norfolk Railway (NNR)
The M&GN Circle is a a society dedicated to the preservation of documents, photographs and other items of memorabilia. The NNR is a 10.5-mile railway through the Norfolk countryside on last working part of the M&GN. The stations and line have been restored to how they would have been in the days of the M&GN. Below are some photos from a recent visit.

Trains and carriages


Buildings and more
North Norfolk Railway


North Norfolk Railway: www.nnrailway.co.uk

What If…
And for a twist what would one of the modern signs look like if the track was still in operation today?

Modern signage?

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